Wednesday, March 24, 2010

lots of things to say.

first nak cakap yang , Im extremely excited when i found out that BURGER is here in malaysia already, basicly he came back because of umi , he seriously miss umi and couldn't stand being away from her, haih i could picture me being away from umi,. i would cry.

now that he is here, i dont know maybe a few things around could be different. the car for instants.
but i dont mind, i love him .dah buat suprise tak berapa nak jadi. tp abg pie dgn kak teha terkejut betul. haha suka tengok reaction diorg oh, terharu kot. seriously. tu lah sahabat.

oh and semalam birthday abg mat aka shafiee :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY .

secondly. stress , tertekan dan kecewa.

rasa bersalah kat aunty because she gave me 300 bucks to finish the job that she gave me, but i was emotionaly and mentaly sick , plus tired like hell. how would i react ? ya think? im hot tempered , and i feel bad for that. i made mistakes that i wish i could erase. i'll make it up somehow. orang kata banyak bersabar and insyallah pahala makin banyak hidup pun diberkati.

okay, usually everybody is busy and consious about everything, i mean furthering studies , college fees, loans , results , application, scholarship and all the things among everything that is beyond vital to us. im worried to , its just that im really scared it seems like i didnt put much effort like other people, im scared that holding on to one thing is not enough.god help me in making my decision , my path and my life . cant wait to live in it, but as usually patience is the key.while others struggle , im like . sitting fa across the distance and observe. and its getting to my nerves. its nerve racking. i need some help and advise . save my soul.

love life-arhg its crap shit. all messed up. green for nothing.stopped hoping already, screw you!

depressed,tak payah cakap lah.a lot of praying will help.

i wanna go far away, i want to just keep in silence , i want to just clarify again my damn self. i want to change for my sake. and my own good, most of all . i wanna be better in time.
i wanna be far from all this problems and mess.

god, answer my prayer,thats all i need .