Sunday, March 28, 2010


as days pass by, we should realise that everything is going extreamly fast and the number of people come and go are more is short, we all one day have to return from where we belong.

al-fatihah to my cousins wife - arwah kak leha, she died after 32 days from giving birth to her second child , muhd qayyum. she suffered tibi and and god loves her more . looking at the newborn baby makes me cry. seriously, being born and lost the most precious person in the world.must be hard. harap kak leha sentiasa dicucuri rahmat .

al-fatihah to bob's mom-he didnt told me earlier .takziah abg , i know u are strong . your mom is looking down on you and let her rest in peace and may god bless her always .

al-fatihah to ikhwanul ashraf- he's just 18, he's just an ordinary guy who's life is same as other teenager , he wants to do many things , he wants to achieve many more, he wants his family to be happy again.. he is one of a kind. i found out abou him and i really felt the lost. tho i dont basicly know him but i felt something, may you rest in peace, u are a good kid , god loves you and i pray for you .

i dont want to lost the ones i love . im scared of losing them, im afraid .
but the most important thing is , pray and keep praying to make things better in time .