Tuesday, April 28, 2009

happy dear?

no im not, its nice to know that everyone around you have their own loved ones,i mean not the one that they always have to wait to for their answers,not the one that its not sure wheter it is or not,not the one that makes u suffer everyday just to wait. day passes by all the thing taht made me realize is just be urself, good things always come for those who wait ey, i dont know wheter i stilll believe in that, penat la tunggu kau! but no matter what i'll wait,this kind of things always happen to me sumtimes i dont even want to care.

my whole life

i love them so much,they are the soul and heart beat, imisstheold days.btw,i made this this mornig after recess, :)

grr ;'(

yesterday i online satu hari non-stop,haha lepas rindu.what can i say its been ages kan kan, btw last night was soo grr taktau la na ckp ape, hmm after many things happen yesterday biase la i was expectin today could be okay,before i sleep i text 'f' but he didnt reply,instead when i woke up i received two text one from myra 'diana,bwak krtas chemist eh' then the other is from chiwa.'diana nak pinjam laptop untuk training harini' . hmm still im waititng for him,damn i miss him so much bad :'( tears run down doh,i hate it.im kindda tired of waiting,being by my own its harsh. woke up and straight away went to school,same old lame old school,in english class teacher says that 'diana,u have good creative ideas and stories but theres to many spelling errors, awk mals nak check ke?yeah,it was bad .byk sangat homework i cant stand it, time tu im talking with myra and we're supposed to do a report on our assingment to do a mgazine.so everything went well,bukak laptop to see pictures of my brothes photoshoot and ideas for our mag.then receses,tah la takda mood nak makan,too many things in my mind,day after day pulak i know that everyone makin happy with their life,imthakful jugak but i miss some part in my life like having a partner,the wheather was good though it made training easier.i miss colourguard so much even only when one day i miss it.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

haaah,its been ages doh!

gila lama x berblog,trust me its been ages je, im buzy,im a busy woman,haha buzy la sangat but seyesly too much had been going on which i myself dont know what to say,life is one of a hectic way to live weyh.pictures?tak payah cakap la banyak sangat!blog had missed out everything that is specialed that cant be describe by words truly.ape2 pun im thankful becauese life had brought me here :)today feeling not that well and not in the mood for school,so ponteng still in my pj's in the mood to update my blogjeles je tngok blog org lain hee, just called myra n shes in bed too,haa /=si kembar yg ku sayang. haih mcm lah susah kalau nak cite satu2
baru je otp dgn myra we were still shocked on what happend yesterday,haha girls fights i hate it ; ngeh