Monday, October 19, 2009

byebye baby

so i guess , thiss is the final.THIS TIME I MEAN IT,
im not targeting to high in my spm, just hope it will satisfy myself and my ummi! thats the number one priority, insyaallah i'll try to follow the footsteps of sis asila hanim :) and
together all the lalats sisters succes yea to:
  • beeha
  • myra
  • myza
  • azaaa

and diana,lets go sista!

i'll work my but off till spm, i'll do my best, i'll get what i want,i will.
remember our mission aza ?
*to be with..
*to go to.....
*to be like...
everything that we have been discuss since bulan satu syg.
im sure bout that.we'll go trough this just fine okay?
dear, friends and you guys that is going to go through spm, i wish you guys GOODLUCK ,
all the best in succiding our way through spm, hope you guys get what u guys want,i'll always pray for all my friends and do pray for me yeah ? :)

susah dulu senang kemudian .
spm here i come.

bye bye and assalamualaikum

Sunday, October 18, 2009

day out

this is the final outing okay! :) ada byk lagi ni pictures, take a look at bee's blog lah eh? thanks you guys , hmm enjoy the day much .
im gonna be AWAY ,thank u

Saturday, October 17, 2009

i love you jake

bella wont choose you,but i will. about 3 things that im absolutely positive about u jacob

1.i am so amazed by u and your way of protecting bella.

2.i love everything about u.

3.i fell in love with a wolf.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

nik aiman

well since u are reading my blog kan.

haha, i know , i ni sometimes gila sometimes koya, sometimes pelik la,
im weird, i know, i noticed, but its not like i wanted to,
hey, i know im bad, im a selfish concious freakin girl.
i know, but dont get me wrong. im trying ,,
hmm i know sometimes like im having my stupid mood swing, and u jadi mangsa
sometimes u felt like u were'nt my friend, i know,
what? do you think i dont know,i know all about it.
haha, im not heartless but sometime i can be.although u know me,but u dont quite really understand me rite, i know, i know everything that u dont have to tell.
i know everytime i have problems i come running to you and spill all of the crap out without sometimes giving u space to talk about urs, suprisingly i know.
i know, what u want, u dont have to tell,
someone told me about it
i often blame myself for everything, but sometimes i forget everything,
sorry i could be good enough,i mean againts all odds..
tah la. i cant simply imagine how my life without you in it.
u wanna know a secret. i selalu ingt pasal dulu dulu.
cant snap it out of my mind like seriously,
but theres one part of u i didnt quite get, no matter how stupid i act or how bithcy i were,still i received text messages from u and by that i mean u still wanna be friends with me.
i hurt to much of peoples feeling,that didnt went well i guess.
u are pissed off bout me, i dont know but i guess it,
im sorry for not always being there for you..i guess im scared.
im sorry i cause u so much pain and curiousity..
im sorry i've changed.i know u've been thingking bout..
how i can be so callous sometimes,how i dont care about what people thinks.
i know, u just want me to put just a little understanding into our relationship
i know u wanted to be easy but i make it the other way around.
but apart from all of that, im just so thankful to have you in my life.
u have mean so much to me,u know to much of my problems and you know my mom.
btw,here's another secret. u remember that uzumaki guy from the comic hmm dia macam seseorang, it reminds me of him all the time.
i love you so much and sorry if i tersalah type or terspill out the wrong words or thoughts.
thank you for everything.

still raya-ing

yeah,im driving, hey nik? still ta percaya ke.. haha
oh and yea "BUMPER WEH!"

biha and me were like budak2 gila, penat au swing swing, macam exercise au.haha
btw, we enjoyed the time then, sbb semua mcm kembali jd kanak2 riang an b?
self timer arh ape ag.
ni haa photoshooting jap kat taman selepas dah berabad da tak bergamba

what im trying to say is : tu i yg lukis!HAHA b coloured :)

sapa kata raya dah hbis?belum lg okay.

BEE'S open house :)

semangat ni bgun pagi besiap nak pg umah kau b, then after mentelaah buku jap, mandi2 amik aza then byer, exited nak g umah kau yg ku sgt rindu tu (org di dalam nye au) then straight to bee's heaven.
biasa ah, kita kalau jumpe mmg tayah cakap ah,
beborak bergelak mcm pe je.
zack's friend are cool weh.semua pun not bad je ,
tp yg paling hot yg pakai
"baju belang2 biru ngn coklat ;P"
(zack btw)
dia sgt comel weh, haha.
obvious sgt ke?
im a mess that day ,rambut serabai.
then mia comel dtg, borak2 jap, then dia balik.
pulangnye mia,
terus kitorg jalan2 usha rumah org,
haha, best lah.then the photoshoot.
then its evening and day almost over .
pulang ke teratak bukit sekilau :)
p/s: gamba banyak dalam camera byer weh, tunggu comel tu upload.

Friday, October 9, 2009

piece of art

thanks to cak's t-shirt haha LOL

just in time:by alyssa bernal(cover)
begitu slenge nye saya :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

a w a y

Daisypath Vacation tickers

dont you guys know?haha, so officialy gonna stay away from my lappy and myspace,facebook or whatsoever,its time for me to finally face SPM.nowdays times is getting to fast and i can barely wait!

gamba di delete .hehe :P
tiba tiba suka.haha pelik
maybe harapan lah kott