Sunday, March 28, 2010

behind the scences

behind the scences,

allahyarham yasmin ahmad . she's my idol.

not many who can direct a movie that is so simple but full af meaning in it, not many those who relevan enough to really jump into the real world to produce a real movie that could touch people in different ways. not many can really open up and show the true meaning of life, life that is full with aspiration. one day i hope i'll be continuing and follow her footsteps in making more stories it took minutes to expirience the real thing, it took hours to get the ideas planned out and it took days to direct it all , to complete one original brilliant took me seconds to really be confident and brave with what my desicion.

aku buntu. pusing kanan mcm ni , pusing kiri mcm ni. pandang depan je dee.
di balik tabir. semua yang aku ingin capai , semua atas diri aku , bukan bergelimpangan
di merata tempat. semuanya atas aku.

resah, kesah, kecewa , buntu , stress tu semua atas aku. t
ak perlu bicara.
aku juga ada hati, aku juga ada perasaan, aku sama sikit pun tak berbeza,

upcoming plans :

travelling? maybe , if i have money. neverthe less me, its just that , people see things differetnly, people have ways to overcome whats in front of them easily. preciselly , what im trying to say is.everyone had their own life and made it through in many possible ways they could ever imagine of. just remember to hold on tight in our own faith.