Friday, December 31, 2010

sometimes strangers moved you alot inside

sometimes when u are feeling down and just wanna scream , u tent to choose who u wanna go to , but u having a lot of though decisions to choose people to talk to because they seem not to understand and got a lot of problem themselves, u tent to feel so alone and just wanna cuddle up in your blanket and cry , craving for a shoulder to cry on and a hug , just a simple hug that can change everyhting . u just gotta pick up the phone and call the one u call strangers and they'll suprise you by making you feel so welcome and comforting. even when u are a cross the distance ,the one that can just lend their ears , their advise ,their courage to share with you. somehow it touches you a lot inside . a friend , a stranger and somebody u might think of many coincidence could happen , the one you dont wanna trust just said it straight to your face and making you realise many things and had opened up your eyes and says that hey i believe you,you got me ,im here ..  u feel so insecure yet safe , sometimes thats just the right thing to do rather talk to the one you known for your lifetime and the one who cares about you . its not the same, u can feel it . getting to know and opened up is not easy , thats just my way and who i am . thank you stranger , brace face . u changed my way of thinking nowdays.

i just honestly hope that all my new year resolution will come true or at least half of it ill achieve, i just got to start believe in myself .


2011 .make things happen pleasa? i really need this year . it inspires me to really hold on to this year . make things happen make things happen make things happen..its a new beggining . let me be the one who changes all , myself.

saya rindu awak tahu tak?

its christmas

25 december 2010, happy birthday nik aiman hafiz.

tunggu present okay? coming soon

love ze cover .

my favourite colour rite . thats my baby.
guys and gals presenting my BBPIN:   21B15EC7*add me haha

end of 2010

sekejap sangat kan? wow . bye bye 2010. it ended quite like a roller coaster . rolls like hell and went up drastically . well i just gotta face it . it kind of ended with mgss band party .

KLWMBC 2010 .


dude , rindu gila klwmbc 2008 right? fuhh sumpah . but we still stand strong lalats. i like to think even when we are 30 years old we still go to klwmbc to support our anak anak pulak . hahahah! cute right?

ze drumbattle. haha, mcm biasa all photos and more photos on facebook aite?

week of love

aww , i got to spent one whole beautiful friggin week with The lalats yaww , memoriable. i would die for another oppoturnity like this .


musical tun mahathir 2
aww. actually half of me cakap its okay takyah masuk , half cakap MASUK LAAA kat IB tu..hmm , but nak buat mcm mana takdir menentukan . if i could then i would but sadly time tu aku kat kuantan . :( so tak dapat dtg practise ..

then there was PETA , budak degree .

my idola

Peta dia , janda setinggan sumpah terbaik.!

aswara before cuti lah dude .

 teater kanak kanak was so fun. but a bit tiring laa.because of the props and stuffs , we used  alot of ENERGY,but it hardcore fun . seriously . miss the moment. i got the chance to be orang kampung in this production but still im one of the crew,  *ching ching
 right after manis bertudung merah straight away kotaku oh kotaku by the degree students , and yeah . i act as a old women . ze mother and grandmother.  hehe . it was fun to ya know . first timer .
 kak sty pengarah class : pentas hayati . YEAHH . it was fun working with kak lola , didie and other especially kelly! yeah . pentas hayati was a sucsess.
 after that , meanwhile we were studying for exams . teater klasik on by cikgu ahmad yatim . it was kindda borring but , errm well what do you expect from CLASICAL THEATRE.  but still it was a sucsess
aroha and adeeq . miss you guys much .

wuish wuish .

watch out . theres gonna be a lot of updates upcoming.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

kata kata akhir .

tak banyak update , walaupun banyak yang berlaku dalam kehidupan seharian , sebab tidak mempunyai masa yang mencukupi .

thanks arina , and fari

19 october dalam sejarah .

paramore terbaik!

the best ever , syukur kerana impian aku untuk ke konsert paramore akhirnya menjadi kenyataan. dari lensa kamera ku .

jeng jeng jeng .

selamat datang je ASWARA :)

          aza , comel kan kami??? haha


you guys are  my inspiration .

besarkan gamba ni , then tengok , muka muka siapa yang ada depan aku untuk bagi semangat aku belajar .


jadual untuk exam dan sepanjang semester 1.

okay , kalau tak nampak , korang boleh right click dan zoom . cuti di aswara memang pelik , lain dari cuti uni  lain . sangat jauh berbeza, dan cuti pun mcm tak cuti je . pelik kan . aku rindu sangat kuantan , dah lama tak balik , nak tahu sebab apa? sebab ni la . sabtu ahad ada training . siapkan kerja semua .fuhh stress tu takyah ckp . walaupun tak banyak teori membaca , tapi aspek keseluruhan dalam kehidupan semua kena kerja . aku harap aku dapat balik kuantan jumpa semua orangyang aku rindu ! aku rindu kehidupan yang dulu , tapi nak buat mcm mana life goes on . kita semua ada hidup baru . SEMUA .

Thursday, October 21, 2010

dear little sis

dear sofea razlin .

sorry kak dee takda kat kuantan untuk awak :(
sorry kak dee takda nak teman awak ,
sorry sayang , kak dee tau . kak dee RINDU GILA kat awak .
kak dee tau selalu awak tunggu kak dee balik kuantan tp kak dee tak balik balik ,
kalau ikutkan . harini juga lepas kak dee baca blog aak kak dee nak balik peluk awak!
kak dee nak dgr semua masalah awak ,
kak dee nak bawak awak jalan jalan pg makan , layan kerenah awak .
sorry kak dee tak dapat balik .
tapi kak dee janji , kak dee sampai je kuantan, kak dee call awak ,kak dee call umi cakap nak bawak awak pg makan k? pastu kita ronggeng sama kak aza .
p/s: kak dee pun banyak cerita nak cerita!

yours truly ,
kak dee .

Saturday, October 16, 2010

the things that hold me back

okay , listen listen . i stoped blogging long time ago . lama dah tak update , see the thing is ive been SUPER BUSY , i dont know why i think time here is getting really crazier each and every day . semua berlalu mcm kilat , sedar tak sedar je nak final . while im here theres so many things i learned that make me knew everything about life . friends . DONT ever think i forget about you guys because the fact is i've been missing you guys so much . sometimes when im free i couldnt even think of calling you guys sebab aku pun takut korang busy , my life here and yours are way different . frankly , mine is more stressfull then yours , so im a surviver here . i learned about LIFE . i starting to realise that life is nothing about giving up , dont ever look back . its life . life that i choose.

im a fighter here .if you guys out there wondering what am i busy of . take some time maybe , visit me here . i'll be performing for shows , exams , and so on soon .

sincerely ,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

i miss the lalats

seriously from the bottom of my heart

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

selamat hari raya aidilfitri

dear friends and family . and all readers of this blog . thanks for all the raya wishes and happy eid to you guys as well . im sharifah nordiana syed shaikh seek for forgiveness towards you guys and hope that all my wrong doing and stuffs that i did was bad or shorlty known as my bad behaviour. i am stricly sorry . may this year means more to us and brought up smiles on our faces .

sincerely ,
sharifah nordiana syed shaikh .

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the things i think

its alright , i deserve it all , let me face it by myself ,im strong : i think


hari yang sama , waktu yang sama ,tempat yang sama dalam banyak banyak baju , dia pilih baju elmo . :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

berbuka finally

dengan aza , myza , kak cyla . berjumpa dengan nazy , elisa <3 picture ni and yang lain later . it was fun kitorg mcm dah lama tak jumpa and waiting for beeha .tak sabar . dah lama tak duduk lepak sama and duduk makan makan makan , finally! looking foward for more .

new life starts

but i still miss the past . everything behind my past is precious . i dont ever want to forget any single thing . i'll treasure it in my memory . good ones bad ones . i love em all . i'll keep it with me till i die .

Monday, September 6, 2010

step up 3D watch it!

i need

-ideas for my skrip ,* lalats help
-card reader
-loose more weight
-be more creative
-keep on striving for my best

what i need the most is just somebody there for me :'(
-when things get wrong
-when things doesnt make sense
-to hold my secret strong
-to always say , just call me when you need me.

teater 2010

sebab manusia ini

comel macam tupai katanya . sangat sangat


sebaik baik lelaki yang boleh berjanji pun akan memungkiri janji tersebut .

dah dua kali aku terkena , pedih perasaan tu . memang la bila dikatakan aku ni tak hiraukan langsung perasaan dia , aku jahat , aku buat mcm dia tak diperlukan dalam hidup aku , aku sibuk mensibukan diri aku dengan orang lain , aku buat buat buta dengan apa yang aku ada depan mata , aku jahat aku dingin aku ego and yess maybe aku tak nampak pun yang aku sayang kau . dan mungkin aku sering melukakan hati orang sekeliling . tapi perlulah kau berjanji dulu?

pada aku sikap aku ni cuma ujian , aku buat mcm tu sebab aku tahu , belum masannya lagi , aku pernah mainkan perasaan kau jugak , aku tahu WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, tapi perlulah BERJANJI ? nak sehidup semati bagai .kau buat mcm tu kau dah bg aku harapan tahu. sebab tu bila aku dapat tahu pasal kau, mula tu menangis la juga kan, sbb sakit , karma memang sakit . aku kena terima . tapi yang aku tak terima , kenapa kau berjanji . tu je .

the syed and sharifah

Syed Ashril Hafizi Al'qudsi & Sharifah Nordiana Syed Shaikh Al-Hadi .

im 18 and i think

i think i big enough to handle my life , i think i matured enough to handle my problem , strong enough to deal with thunders and storm , tall enough to stand straight for myself. confident enough to voice out . loud enough to be reconised . clear enough to be seen . strong enough to be in a relationship .

but still,
im the same person , never change and never will . the things thas been changing me is , the way i think , the way i manage time .
im still clumsy , im still sad at certain times , im still a kid inside . but im dealing with every bits maturedly . as i always did .

im still sharifah nordiana maihan bt syed shaikh , i still sleep with my umi. im still a normal human being .

im growing up

im officially 18 , what makes me older? is life . i spend my night at hafiz's studio before 2nd september . and  the night was sweet . thanks to them . didi , kak nad , and YOU

the day after , thanks for all the wishes at facebook friends, family.lalats  , roomates , mates , lecturer . awww terharu :')
and thanks for the dikir barat birthday song . that was sweet . malam minggu roh ramadhan is where everything started to be a new chapter of mine , im 18 . officially

special thanks to taufiq : thanks for the cadbury blackforest  <3

pictures tak ada sgt sebab camera tak bawak , terkunci dalam loker . unfortunately kan?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

farhan saya

paan , where are you eh? i miss you ;'(

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


kak ayu , kak ayu musik , kak ari , kak ira , Mec , kak sha, bella, umai.

akhmal nazri :)

thanks for always being there


kumpulan 2 : kelas puan marlia musa

kitorang lebih gila dari biasa . luar dari biasa , :)

from left : mira ,umai,syafiq,ekin, ejad,afiq,dee, topex,akhmal , syafiq


bertempat di blackbox aswara . pukul 1 tngahari .
projek awal tahun 3 untuk mencukupkan syarat bagi peTA .

pengarah yang dinilai : kak maidya .
sinografer yang dinilai : frankie billy

pelakon yang dinilai : maarof ,kak syasya .

turut membantu : tasha(wanita 2)bohsia , topex(lelaki 2 ) penagih .

SM: kak zira ,
assist SM: dee .

naskah yang dilakukan ialah naskah IMPIAN yang bertemakan realism dan menceritakan tentang gejala gejala sosial yang berlaku secara langsung atau tidak langsung sekarang . anak anak yang terkongkong dan mempunya masalah tersendiri yang ingin bebas . apakah mereka akan temui cita cita dan impian mereka?

walaupun aku hanya membantu secara kecil kecilan tetapi ianya permulaan baru bagi aku untuk menceburi bidang pengarahan . keseluruhannya terlibat dan berkerja dalam satu produksi bukanlah sesuatu yang mudah .