Tuesday, July 28, 2009

serba kekurangan

tiada kata
tiada gambar
tiada perkataan
tiada bukti
tiada rasa
tiada kesempurnaan
tiada kegembiraan
tiada ketenangan
tiada teman
tiada waktu
tiada perasaan
untuk mengaupdate blog paabila semua serba kekurangan. sekian terima kasih

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

started with.

haha buzy doh minggu ni exam macam ape je tah.i skip a day sbb demam parak2 punye. haih. currently no mood to update sbb kat starbuck dgn aza tngah tngok and observed many things, klau dulu ade internet kat rumah i feel more comfortable to update log but now tah la -_-.
tau x nat com tinggal 12 hari je kot. hahaha.. sasau aku. ngn exam nye hancur . grrr. what a month. dgn demam nye teruk ngn everything la. sbenarnye ade byk benda nak ckp tp later la k.

Friday, July 17, 2009


time is needed to

currently di starbucks ALONE enjoying my quality time :)
eating chiken sausage roll and caremel cream made by abg nash , yumyum

relax! think back i have not much time doh.hmm here's the thing,since i cant online and rarely get the chance to online so im just gonna blog on what ever thats on my mind .abg just brougt back a juara car, new one perhaps tp takda radio oh hell. nyanyi sendiri la alamatanye.
hahaha actually ecm ni cam da na tutup but never mind im just gonna keep bloging anyway. btw , blog aku emmbosankan ke? haha who the hell cares doh, its mine.oh n btw, 'i hate people who tell lies' thats whitneys quote dalam reality tv show the city, best. i admire her and her life i wanna be like that u know.indiependant as i am also by now, tah la time is just passes by n cant be reapeted tau x!sbelum tu teh day before pg tngok wayang ngn myra cite hannah montana.
start with yesterday:
umi calle tanye diana spm bile? then i jawab la bulan sebelas kot. i wonder why she asked rupenye die nak buat appoiment for her surgery. mase pagi tu i ponteng and ta g skola so mcm teremo jap pike pasal umi , i really love her. hmm hari2 org doa for her health.hope umi sihat je.
haih then ptg tu pg skola untuk kelas tambahan add maths bla bla bla.. habis then balik umah than tido awal gila..wondering why people love to make stories and lie. tu la padah and akibatnye when ur always making things up, sendiri mau tanggung ok? im not gonna intefior in any kind of way. why ur also jugding people when ur the one that should be jugde? manusia ni pelik and unpredictable lah.like i said.shut up and put ur money where ur mouth is ,haha
haha today:
bak kate cikgu add maths u all ni funny lah, kejap decide tanak masuk comp kejap masuk comp haih penin penin. cakap cam keling, i mean i dont mind if ta masuk comp pun ta habat pun. btw, da semangat2 tu takan na jatuhkan plak an. haha pelik today, tolong myra llukis kat meja die balut baru. haha. mcm mcm, meeting band lg, oh oh! and and! i finally get to figure out RUBICS CUBE untuk kali pertama by my own depan mate miza byk kali then aja huda haha. org kate i pleik je main benda tu. hmm today sumpah pening gila maybe because i over slept kot .LOL,habis meeting me and aza went to get harry potter tickets , haha cian kau .btw rindu gila na hangout dgn biha n miza really miss them, dulu dulu ingt tak? haha.
naaaah, now who cares about me, semua busy ngn hal masing2 , me to but i still have the time to look around and i realise many things.
i would love to thank:
tracy goi vern yi:she so patient u know teaching me rubics haha.
u!the rubics guy,(kembar): i'd never figure out rubics if it isnt because of u :)
naim:thanx sbb teman sy kat starbucks haha, awak balik kuantan ta ckp kat ibu pun eh! comel je bawak beg besar, maklum la pelajar uitm jengka. hahah.

Monday, July 13, 2009


think while u can. exam next week , nationals two more weeks to go.
hidup ta slalu indah ok. hmm cume kita je tatau mcm mane nak mengexpress kan semua benda.
btw myra, i want u to be happy syg, i want u to have a ur love life back, i'll do my best to try and help u k.dont worry im always there for u and always with u.
kenny rogers of course, forget about the bet k,
kite hang out n spent time same2 je.
balanje kau makan n hannnah montana the movie.
hangin there bestfriend,
im sure u'll be happy nanti.
semua bact to normal for me myra, but i yakin we wont go far,
cume kawan je. hehe.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

bumblebee bla bla

guess what?budak ni muka sebijik mcm die! haha sgt comel.bak kate sis cyla; 'skali pandang cam die ,due kali pandang pun cam die gak' . haha, nak main teka teki jugak. mari2 teka siapakah dia?


11/7/2009: happy birthday hidayat!kak diana loves u!
the night before was hidayats b'day, buat kat tc . huuu lame ta makan byk malam tu melantak mcm pe tah, then jalan2 . tc sgt kosong mlm tu. not to forget have a conversation dgn pojie jap. haha what a night,i gave dayat ten bucks so she cant buy whatever she wants for her birthday. love u dayat :) junior ku yg disayangi amat.


8.00-6.00pm : practise warisan new formation. new movement for cg. new ideas n needed ideas please!haha

malam tu pulak:
me n aza, tnga cari idea dan ilham untuk colorguard, nationals are near ok! sumpah takut . hmm tawakal je lah,,malam tu i call myra but tak dapat. and malam tu jugak nampak pojie. comel an? hahaha. tah la heading home dalam keadaan yg tah la undiscribeable. hahah merepek je, text with pojie n all smpai tetido.

dah tak byk peluang untuk online. huuu :( so im gonna strive to find a way to online ta kire la mcm mane skali pun , haih so many things happen yg aku rase ta dpt da nak membebel kat blog ni, god knows whts going on in my life. haih..opportunities are hard to find and when i found it i appriciate it.thanx f for being back in my life . love u.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


everything is kindaa new. tho ta suke but gotta move on.
muhammad fauzi:u kate nak text? xda pun haha ;)

swim.swam,swom . haha

haha swim day with myra at duta village gahaha,jadi cegu renang lak. btw, ur welcome myra. remember syg relax ,hahha. ktorg merepek je lebih dlm kolam.mcm kanak2 ruang un ade.

berenang bagai itik, padahal aritu puase, then jumpe syawal mini. comel je tp byk ckp. kitorg pun teringin nak buat terjunan mcm ewan a.k.a syawal tu ,so when the coast is clear kotirg yg terjun hah, ta cam na pecah lak kolam tu kan. btw we have fun. :)

ade thus one video klaka gile, tngok la kat myra's blog: www.lauramyra.blogspot.com

after a talk

thanx sis cyla i feel better :)

omg, so not in the mood

grr.currently no mood at all.laptop da dpt balik tp semua benda hilang. pictures,songs,
document,pendek cute semua dah tak ada. and stilll tak de mood na online gune laptop sbb semua benda mcm sial .i hate it. ni la yg tjadi bile da lame sgt happy,
dah la , ta de mood.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

so long

pop art Pictures, Images and Photos
haha. cant update. so many thing . laptop rosak :( i miss my blog. huuu..
plus been busy lately. haiih ,patient d patient .

Thursday, July 2, 2009


HOT!so wish to be mine, haha. hey,im a girl n do like guy like him so deal with it!


as i browse through people's blog , i learned that, hey,its okay to post anything at ur blog because u dont really know wheter people read it or not?a lot of different kind of styles of posting blog that i found some r intrested some are lame some are err.. no comment. haha,its okay lah its peoples life from different kind of scenary, finding clarity is one of the most thing i wanted to do, alhamdullilah la, its been 4 days since i am fasting, haha cant believe it doh, eat eat eat ? mcm ta biasa plak blog in fully english seriously kekok gila, omg btwe im gonna have to finished this up. i know my english are so not that good kan, but what the heck, trust me i read blogs with extremely vital grammar and spelling errors, but kau susah ape kan? haha. am i changing? why is that?boy oh boy, lets start with today:

morning: came to sch, yadaa yadaa yadaa change shirt , so pissed of by the hari kecermelangan function thingy, omg pg skola but tak blaja?kena marah and all, went up to stage several times, bla bla bla.. boring n tiring day trust me.today at sch just not in the mood of talking, gosh dont know y cant open my mouth, but at the same time hyper.haha poyo

petang: myra came home we watch tv,lepak lepak, onlined, kutuk org(tho puasa), bla bla bla. tau tau je buka puasa, yeay! six days left. stilll counting lah!omg, nationals are near spm trials are like so around the corner and U haha me of course still tak sedar diri onlining and chit chating update ur blog sedangkan u should be sitting on ur study table and study -_- hmm im scared and freeked out. frankly.oh btw, they are such a sweet couple, read riza's blog, wishing that sumday i will have that kind of relationship, its fatal that my love life is kinda EERKK haha, btw how i wish i could hug him also before he went to italy n tell him that i'll wait no matter what,but like i said i have move on and its hard for me tho i want it to be badly. 8 days, after 88 days without u F.lantak lah ape org nak cakap, dont u know its harhs for me, u guys cant go ahead and be happy with what so ever, but for me. future, only god knows

tadaaa; haha, this is who i've been talking about in my blog, yg byk merepek pun pasal kau la weh! finnaly i got the guts to post ur pic here, org nak bace nak tngok up to u guys, lah. what i know is . everytime people talk about him, u guys just force me to remember him again tho i want to forget him badly, i need HELP.

i wanna be like what i wanna be doh, i wanna be on stage and expressed myself but i never get a chance to do that since i've always been the kind of girl that seems to blend in and hid her talent away,aku banyak cakap and i love to blog because where else can i talk besides sitting with aza,.how i really wish one day my dreams will come true. ok it will take patients always that is to make n reach wht u want, hang in there d,just wait :)
oh and btw, him. nothing lah, just not feeling to write anymore, cukup la i membebel stakat ni je. gotta go offline and get down with book d, u have homework to do! yeah babyy yeah. oh and i off my phone malas nak charge. i apollogise to anyone that couldnt reach me . heh

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

transformers rocks!

transformers revenge of the fallen Pictures, Images and Photos


ok here's the deal, pernah rase ta when everything so right felt so wrong, and everything seems so not there. haha. weird, but thats what im feeling right now, susah nak describe, i know words cant, where to start, ok la lately slalu text nik, slalu sgt sgt.. mcm dulu dulu pulak, schools yea everythings alright i guess, lepas state comp tu mcm betul pulak ape yg aza kate tu haha, btw miss talking to aza , asal aku jumpe kau je belambak benda nak ckp. muke ku dah la gelap currently banyak pulak jerawat, omg i wanna get rid of it badly, haha ngadu kat umi then umi cakap ''gi la sapu bedak sjuk'' haih, ibu oh ibu. muke tnga pedih dan sakit gila coclusion umi bagi sapu bedak sejuk je . LOL, tape la . pegi pegi skola je in bio class dapat tau kena amik sijil atas pentas mase hari kecemerlangan or ape tah sbb dpt best cg. naik2 ats pnts kena do this whole rehersal thingy then kena ulang balik, sbb cikgu cakap i main2 WHAT THE HELL? aku cukup malas untuk go throw that kind of thing die bole lg tlk crap to me, tlg la. bla bla bla, oh and btw the plan is to puasa ganti and so far dah tiga hari puase tho penat i feel a lot of better,need sumone sgt2. sumone to talk to, mmg ramai people around me but tu la everything seems so not right.hmm walau pun im not in the mood of blogging but i have to sbb nak lepas tension, memebel kat blog is a relieve tp kalau org bace mule lah malu, haha. merepek lari topik, umm btw, i didnt get PLKN yeay! haha :) nik tlg check kan, aza pun ta dpt, myra pun ta dpt, org2 yg i syg pun kebanyakkan ta dapat. hardly cant wait for sis to come back . tibe2 airmata aku ni ta pasal2 lak nak jatuh, hmm emo plak dah diana nie., haih, rasa kosong walaupun tak, rasa mcm u have did sumting meaningless,smua benda mcm terpendam tau kat dalam hati ni , tade la i felt bad sgt2, tah la when looking bad i am so dissapointed with myself tah la tatauuuuuuu :( hmm , i pray for things to be normal again after this, what wrong? entah i pun tatau act, feels not right thats all. and viccb just flew to italy today, all the best guys :)lepas ni im just gonna keep quite and settle things and focusing on spm, the real deal, n pray whats best for me.btw, need to change movement for cg, supaya lebih setanding untuk nat comp. keep on climbing d, u cant do it