Friday, November 13, 2009

moving on

moving on to new blog,,
im sorry for a bad person,stay away from me.
here's my final say,

i really am sorry,for all that i did,
i realised that its too late now.
do you know, when u ignore me, i feel like the world is on my shoulder
do you know, it hurts till i become an evil BITCH,
do you know everytime i look at people around me are happy with each other i feel like the world is tumbling down.
i dont know what i have done, i really am sorry.
i shouldnt have wrote the stupid thing in my blog,
big mistake i shall say,
i felt sorry for myself and i felt stupid,
im lost i dont know wht to do nor say,
but now i know,
now i know it all comes down to me,
im sorry, truly am.
i deserve all this crap. to my sisters, im sorry. i love you guys so much,
for god sake, i will not have anything to do with this anymore.

and takpa, i dont mind people calling me gemuk, i am. plus im not beautiful inside even out.
that proves. im sorry.

goodluck everyone, im sorry.

i admit i did a lot of things and mistakes,for all my misbehaviour and stupid mistakes.
i never thought that this day will finally come, the day that i wanted to avoid, the day where i break down and cried for all of my wrong doing,
if i could than i would but i cant,i here by say. im sorry for my life,im sorry for everything..
aku ingin menysusun sepuluh jari memohon maaf atas apa yang telah ku lakukan.
aku bukanlah manusia yang sempurna dan sangat lemah,sesungguhnya semua manusia mempunyai masalah dah dugaan yang diturunkan oleh oleh allah kepada umatnya yang tidak pernah sedar akan kesalahan dalam kehidupan mereka..dengan ini aku memohon agar tuhan ampunkanlah segala dosa dosa ku,sesungguhnya aku merehdhai segala ketentuan ilahi ini ya allah. engkau kurniakanlah kejayaan buat diriku dan sahabatku semoga mereka bahagia disamping orang orang yang mereka sayangi,..amin