Thursday, November 26, 2009

i laughed

situation A:

"diana,kenapa kau tak couple je dgn die, die baik what, not bad la..selalu ade dgn kau.syg kau,buat suprose untuk kau, die sgt baik weh, almost perfect! yg depan mata ade kau tak nampak , yg jauh tu jugak kau kejar..

apparently,those were words that came out from one of my friend without thingking my point of view, saying words randomly is easy when u are not the one sitting in my place or wearing my friggin crocs. do me a favor, and shut the hell up.

situation B:

"kenapa la dengan die, i thought we were over tapi still nak kat aku, what the hell,common, move on la kan..lagipun aku tak minat die sayang apa tah lagi,suka pun tak..tak tahu la macam mana kitorg end up together haritu..

apparently, this is what i think that came out from his thought, i've always waited for something that is so far away, i'll never give up, thats for sure.this is what i say what goes around always comes around.. i see where this all goes..

so i laughed and just so i did, tears run down and i felt like i almost give up, looking in the mirror knowing that,i'll never feel being warm in his warm arms anymore, i'll never kissed his soft lips anymore, i'll never smiled looking at myself knowing that how i wish to change myself so much.
never the less i am recless enough to fall for him.

i miss you