Thursday, November 26, 2009

the reason

this is the reason for me to live.
today, hmm planned to go out with sofea and elisa,
im sorry you guys, i cant afford to tell,hmm its hard.
ok first picked up byer and went to school
i wanted to send my pasport picture but i didnt have one, i have the old ones,trust me u wanna laughed till u crack up man looking at my pictures..
then makan nasi goreng daging.mengidam haha
then loitering around then went to FOS,can see from the pictures
then went up ,played dance dance revolution since ages i didnt play that thing
me and aza,
rasmir, najib, raziman,syawal,min,byer,elisa
byer meet her boyfriend,we seprated
ecm there was iqah,gelek and aina.
we walked we talked,byer cried because she saw kecix,hang in there love, u can make it through
then new moon, then ate at noodle station,me,aza,min and wawan talked anout many things since its been ages ,, went home excited to start bloging.huhu
hendry texted and i simply ignore it. nope, i replied..
those are the reason for me to survive