Wednesday, November 25, 2009

time flies

or i shall say, browsing my blog tngok post dulu dulu an. teringat masa lagi 202 hari la spm, mid year exam la mcm mcm lah.. perghh, cant believe do it all come to an end, but it not the ending la kan obviously, i mean i finally almost finish spm doh. how time flies and passes like almost without knowing it. its almost there, we're half way into acomplishing the sweetest part in our life. hows life since i missed out bloging a lot! haha. i pretty much dont want to talk about it well since im moving on and just want to begin a new one starting from today :) because the thing is i dont wanna to look at the past. it sucks, believe me.hmm move on d! a hell lot of a things happen trust me and you dont wanna know. im gonna start bloging again and who knows what i will post next.


all my papers were okay la kot, pray for the best je lah
hmm, i know im not the brilliant type of girl or the face of
a score A student, but i guess im trying my best at this!
im not the one have the brains of an einstein,but im giving my all out!
my mum, she's the best, i would wanna see her happy seing my results i wanna make her proud
but im not putting it at a high hope, just pray and hope that everything will be okay..
''saya tak bijak macam awak''