Monday, October 19, 2009

byebye baby

so i guess , thiss is the final.THIS TIME I MEAN IT,
im not targeting to high in my spm, just hope it will satisfy myself and my ummi! thats the number one priority, insyaallah i'll try to follow the footsteps of sis asila hanim :) and
together all the lalats sisters succes yea to:
  • beeha
  • myra
  • myza
  • azaaa

and diana,lets go sista!

i'll work my but off till spm, i'll do my best, i'll get what i want,i will.
remember our mission aza ?
*to be with..
*to go to.....
*to be like...
everything that we have been discuss since bulan satu syg.
im sure bout that.we'll go trough this just fine okay?
dear, friends and you guys that is going to go through spm, i wish you guys GOODLUCK ,
all the best in succiding our way through spm, hope you guys get what u guys want,i'll always pray for all my friends and do pray for me yeah ? :)

susah dulu senang kemudian .
spm here i come.

bye bye and assalamualaikum