Monday, January 11, 2010


umi. you're the best, the one i look up too, the one i love etremly than i love anyone else in this world,i swear, i thank god for this wonderful woman that i ever know.umi you're the best, if only you could read my blog and just know how much i love you. tak ada sapa boleh ganti tempat umi, i felt like im the most luckiest person on earth to have you in my life. only god knows how much u have been going through, i know, i know how you feel, sumtimes when u try to tell me, i dont want to listen because i know it'll make me cry so badly that i hate to see you thankful,to have you umi, be strong. i know you are, when abah leave us, ur're the one, that i remember ever since than u're the mom and u're the dad.i know you have carry so much on your shoulder, sometimes it makes me mad because i cant help much.its painful to see u think about all the problems that we've caused. its painful to u see u cry sometimes just because u want us to be happy.i dont want to let you grow old each day. i dont want. im not ready for that. i pray everyday , for god please dont take my mom away,she's the superwoman, she has so much patience to her, that sometimes i feel she's the angel of my heart. i rather pay billions and billions just to see her happy all the time, i want to be there for her, and i want her to be there for hher so much and i hope she'll be just fine after the operation that she'll be going through, i pray for the best for her..i love you umi, i know you'll be just fine, aminn.. :')