Saturday, June 19, 2010

how i wish

i wish i could talk to you abah .
i wish i could tell you how excited i am to further my studies.
i wish you'd be there for me when im going to college .
i wish i could give you present on fathers day.i wish you could help me by hearing my problems.
i wish you could call me everytime when i went out and ask me to come home early.
i wish to se you smile abah.
i wish to love you and to take care of you as i live .
i wish to wake up and here the sound of you making teh tarik.
i wish i could hear you laugh .
i wish you can make jokes to make me smile .
i wish you'll be there when i succeid .i wish i cant make you happy with all of my achievement.
i wish you'd be the one to tell me that dont ever give up .

and what i wish the most is ,to hug you and tell you that i love you so much abah .
happy fathers day arwah abah . i missed you , alot :'(

u left me early , making me strong each and evryday i step and live my life . u left me with the greatest mom that i could ever imagined i had. u left me when i was a little girl making me wiser each and everyday until now . u make remember every single day that i've been through needs to be appriciated. but how i still wish i could have longer days with you . how i wish to have you around , but its okay . god loves you even more abah . if you're hearing my thoughts or listen to me or watching over me . i wanna express all my gratitude to you , because if it wasnt because of you . i would'nt be born and will not be living today , until now . i love you and always will. im strong , i know i am .