Wednesday, June 23, 2010

everythings gonna be ok .

gamba dari blog aza . yeah im sure and aku yakin everythings gonaa be okay and im gonna miss all th moments . every single bit of it . everything gonna be okay .

untuk bashiirun roslee,

i just hope that one day , i got the guts to tell you that i really like you . thanks for making me smile .

but , i'd stop hoping already . i threw all away , how i felt for you , how im falling for you each and everyday , how the fact that you were my best friend . indeed you are . until now , cuma kau terlalu indah, bahagian kebahagiaan yang tuhan turunkan kepada aku . kau sahabat baik yang jauh . kau jujur . kau ikhlas . i really hope things will never change . dont let me go ,please .

be my bestfriend , forever . ;'(