Friday, December 31, 2010

aswara before cuti lah dude .

 teater kanak kanak was so fun. but a bit tiring laa.because of the props and stuffs , we used  alot of ENERGY,but it hardcore fun . seriously . miss the moment. i got the chance to be orang kampung in this production but still im one of the crew,  *ching ching
 right after manis bertudung merah straight away kotaku oh kotaku by the degree students , and yeah . i act as a old women . ze mother and grandmother.  hehe . it was fun to ya know . first timer .
 kak sty pengarah class : pentas hayati . YEAHH . it was fun working with kak lola , didie and other especially kelly! yeah . pentas hayati was a sucsess.
 after that , meanwhile we were studying for exams . teater klasik on by cikgu ahmad yatim . it was kindda borring but , errm well what do you expect from CLASICAL THEATRE.  but still it was a sucsess
aroha and adeeq . miss you guys much .