Saturday, October 16, 2010

the things that hold me back

okay , listen listen . i stoped blogging long time ago . lama dah tak update , see the thing is ive been SUPER BUSY , i dont know why i think time here is getting really crazier each and every day . semua berlalu mcm kilat , sedar tak sedar je nak final . while im here theres so many things i learned that make me knew everything about life . friends . DONT ever think i forget about you guys because the fact is i've been missing you guys so much . sometimes when im free i couldnt even think of calling you guys sebab aku pun takut korang busy , my life here and yours are way different . frankly , mine is more stressfull then yours , so im a surviver here . i learned about LIFE . i starting to realise that life is nothing about giving up , dont ever look back . its life . life that i choose.

im a fighter here .if you guys out there wondering what am i busy of . take some time maybe , visit me here . i'll be performing for shows , exams , and so on soon .

sincerely ,