Friday, December 31, 2010

sometimes strangers moved you alot inside

sometimes when u are feeling down and just wanna scream , u tent to choose who u wanna go to , but u having a lot of though decisions to choose people to talk to because they seem not to understand and got a lot of problem themselves, u tent to feel so alone and just wanna cuddle up in your blanket and cry , craving for a shoulder to cry on and a hug , just a simple hug that can change everyhting . u just gotta pick up the phone and call the one u call strangers and they'll suprise you by making you feel so welcome and comforting. even when u are a cross the distance ,the one that can just lend their ears , their advise ,their courage to share with you. somehow it touches you a lot inside . a friend , a stranger and somebody u might think of many coincidence could happen , the one you dont wanna trust just said it straight to your face and making you realise many things and had opened up your eyes and says that hey i believe you,you got me ,im here ..  u feel so insecure yet safe , sometimes thats just the right thing to do rather talk to the one you known for your lifetime and the one who cares about you . its not the same, u can feel it . getting to know and opened up is not easy , thats just my way and who i am . thank you stranger , brace face . u changed my way of thinking nowdays.

i just honestly hope that all my new year resolution will come true or at least half of it ill achieve, i just got to start believe in myself .