Wednesday, September 16, 2009

sweet 17

so this is my birthday. thanks to mazzie, ily babe :)
so i thougth at first kita pergi makan biasa2 je.but then she gave me the sweetest present as i say
location:dataran gambut.

mula2 nampak mat, because he is working there, then amin came
aww.sgt comel.jgn jealous ek.huhu
then said,pejo,abu came.
hahaha,the night was sweet.walaupun i tngah meghadapi trial spm!haha
cuak tau malam tu actually but buat keras je.
thanks mazzie ,the cake was delicious and yummy :)
cake comel sgt shape heart, yg amin kate ade dua reject tu?hahah
thanks for the night.ily guys