Thursday, September 17, 2009

the pensil

this particular pensil means a lot to me . thank to B, die yg bg pensil ni kat semua lalats senior.
i use this pensil in my trial exams, llucky charm arh tu konon2 haha.. btw i'd figure out after ages i tak amik gamba so y dont i give a try, pensil ni jadi model jap.
so this is what i wrote using this pensil,
hey guys, its not good to be jealous with each other ok?its not good to tell lies also.
its not healthy to talk about peoples.although i myself had obviously done it before.
copycats?hmm apakata biarkan aja mereka.u know who u are kan.for example,im proud because im a trendsetter.everything i do people will follow.although the reality is i myself follow others,so u see how life goes?its goes around and comes around again.
just dont be to hars kayh?