Wednesday, September 16, 2009


haha,funny us. lepas makan tu sempat lg pg shopping.sha bawak banyak duit.hahah

cg outings: buka puasa kat kfc haha.sgt best kitorg byk gila becakap, every memories we treasure kan guards?kak d syg korg sgt2 nothing can describe how happy and satisfied i am being with u guys this year.korg la buat aku gelak,menangis,marah,happy,sedih,sengsara.

we grew up being a strong colourguard team,walaupun ta dapat best colorguard,but korg terbaik je bg kak d. as well as the seniors ,thanx a lot korg for sticking up with me aroun 2 years, help alot and been through many things together.

haha. i wated to send this

no words can describe my love for my guards

missing: elisa dgn dayat
on the camera: zumie