Friday, May 1, 2009

turn off the lights!

penat. i dont know whats happening to me lately,being left out?no no im still here thoo,
diana,kenape ni? haha,they all thought that i wasnt the same i replied bosan jadi aku .lately i feel empty i do despise that when u act like u dont cae but the turth is u care!uh common give it a break,smlm smlm tak dpt online internet lke shit and homework gila banyak,nothing happen still same old lame old days pasing by,my school sudenly out of the blues pasang a countdown board spm 202 days, i m a g i n e setiap kali na pg kelas je have to past by the numbers yg mkin hari makin kurang,argghh.excited?NOT. sumpah seram. tah la im cought tn the middle of no where,lost dont know who ta hang out with who to talk to,who to be with ,everythings seems so hollow,bukan nak feel fel sorg2 or emo or sumting its just that im bored and tired too ya know,last night was chiwas birthday,sebuk nak pg tc and celebrate padahal aku ta diundang pun,but satisfied sbb dpt hang out ngn LALAT 's<333>was it happening? with lalats yea,but the party..emm,a bit dissapointing i guess.its like everyones missing nowdays :(