Sunday, May 3, 2009


still waiting waiting waiting, dont care lah how long pun :'( still just finished my homeworks,huh,whats different now huh?everything seems so diffrent and i dont even understand,im gonna be away for a while.mid year exam is near,very very near i am *this close for making history sbb tak study and prepair lg :"( what should i do. shows a lot thant i really need my life back, its been hard without him around, text with nina just now and text with kak mimi,i tried reaching out to biha but no repon so as myra still a no no sign of em,talked to aza bout a couple of stuffs,i miss her, tnga tnga tngok spiderman 3, 1 message

mazzie : diana!ibru je lepas leypak rumah adri lah u
me:best la u,mesti buat video an?
mazzie:tak, i know where is the house now,really cool and big man!
me:hehe,u jumpe sape lagi?
mazzie:everyone,except amir and riyal..adri,fawwaz asyraff afrina sume ade doh, and dania!haha
me:cool doh,huwaaa :'( im jealous,one whole day i duduk kat ruma and buat homework for god sakes i penat n bored -_-
mazzie:oh kesian uuuu T.T ,adri pendek doh,fawwaz pun.HAHAH, 196 days till spm babe. T.T
me:yeah baby yeah.and im suffering,gahaha.

mazzie,thanks for reminding me -_-''now that everything is different i dont know where its gonna end up, sitting at home makes me think about a new hair cut,coz obviously rambut gue rosak! ahaha, been thingking to have my hair like my idol hailey william :) but its not a rite time .gahh,many things .. ouh and hmm i da jarang text nik my bestie, i undrstand that he have a gf and i dont wanna disturb him to much ya know ,i need u f! badly....

curently listening to :missing star by yuna