Friday, May 1, 2009

kepulangan :)

balik je rumah well of course la terus buat homework yg gile banyak,grr i cant stand it. as if we were born to do homework yg byk! arab says bosan gila buat homework. yea i know. oleh sbb stress buat homework,online is the best cure, gila best conversation with arab .thanx ,u make me smile after a hectic day :)

hari ni sgt memenatkan but im not sleepy so decide to do some update on my blog..

updating............ ;merepek

happy today having a day with biha n mieza,happy to have my new baju kotak2,tasted takoyaki at ec mall,err!trust me ta sedap gila..

then then then tnga tnga update blog ni,1 message

me:oh ,yea?
him:rindu kat awak!
me: ye la tu (dont think im stuppid doh,im not slame ni kau text org lain jugak,grr)
him:so camna skarang?

i didnt reply,hes a friend of mine an old friend tah la merepek la die,i'v moved on sampai bila weh,dulu aku gila kat kau kau buat ta layan now ? its just karma babe .

back to the story,today agak klaka sbb me and my bro pg mega same2 with his friends haha,nak pecah perut gelak,i mean obviously all of them suka buat lawah bodoh!oh im smilling yess indeed on the outside,no one knows in the inside

currently listening to: lala land by demi lovato