Monday, January 12, 2009

januari 2009

gudbye 2008 hello 2009
well 2008 was a great one,i decided to start bloging again tho i left it long time ago :( haha, nvm i speak my own word now
haih january oh january it started more like unstable i guess,no pics because im like having no camera at all ;( sad kan?
but ade jugak gamba act i upload it later lah k,coz im starting fresh :D tah la banyak sgt things happen doh.
I MISS YOU,the old you :(
u were always there when time i needed u but not apparently u disappear,miss u badly my bestfriend..i miss talking to you on the phone,hanging out with u,being with u when time were not that gud,perhaps i learned many things beside you..we talked,we cried,we laughed together.thank you so much for being a gud friend all this while ;( i really do miss u badly yun.if i had one wish id wish for u to be my friend again..
first week of school :)
it was okay i guess..hmm im changing indeed maklumla calon SPM 2009 .ngeh ngeh =.=
im scared but still cant believe that im form 5,i wanna turn back time and be a kid again !!!
but dont worry evrythings gonna be okay i guess ;p