Thursday, January 15, 2009

bad one huh?

this week,hmm kinda bad too :(
my pesil box hilang! kena curi ..fuck lah whoever it is yg amik my
pensil box,everything hilang including my man!
grr..but im happy tho because my lil sis just transferd to mgs :) i love you adik :)
hmm,buzy finishing my homework berlumba nak siapkan dgn
my baby;(
in history class plak i keep thingking bout the stupid kiss! i regret knowing u sayang :( all i know is u dont mean a thing to me,i really thought u were the one but im wrong..u make me fall,u make me believe,i just wish that everything wont happened the way it is now..i cant and i will live without u,i wont blame u i blame me,the stupid little clumsy me easily fell in love with sumone when i know that things are not going to go well.whatever it is thanks and i'll always love u as a friend or as sumone special enough,b or should i call u ur name?im not used to it,i just wanna give back the bracelet taht u gave me,tho i feel weak without it but its the only way for me to forget bout u syg so pleasa dont make me wait ;( i miss u so fuckin damn much
with the presence of my adik,tah la it feels a bit different.but ill survive..minggu ni mcm sedey sgt,i fake a smile all the plastic
am i ??
today we cheer for craven!! hey,hey,we're from team green,high and low we fight!goo craven!
today i was a bit retarted,,helping aza with the cheerleading steps and all,and some prefects at my school sucks doh!
aza, and i really worried because other team were really looking forward to fight us,and we really want to remain as champions :)
seyesly penat sgt but im happy because i got the feeling were me and the gurls are getting along again and want to be happy again like the old days :)YEAY!
so when i came home i decided to call him,
the phone was ringing and my heart was beating..
"hello..? hello..?"
"yea u nak ape?"
"nothing,just nak tanye,u kua tak this sunday?"
"maybe laa,y?"
"saje tanye,i just wanna give back gelang yg u bg tu."
"oh.simpan je la.."
"no i cant"
"alah,ambik je lah k?,err later lah we chat i got to go ada hal skit"
thanks a lot syg,thanx a lot ;'( so i decide to call skali lagi because tak puas hati lah!but then 'sorry please try later' waht the bloody shit man.i hate u!then i call syuhada,we talked over bout some things and i feel ok a bit..its over ok ?