Friday, January 23, 2009

the day :)

hang out time :)
releasing tention much thats been going on and evrything cam stressed out gile ..
crazy things happen byk sgt..neway im happy but some time2 sad..mals na cite in detals..
risau pasal cheering lagi..
then i jumpe zam balik..tlg la please stop calling me baby coz im no longer yours lah..!
menghilangkan diri berzama then expect me to accept u mmg silap besar laaa.
im not that type of girl..
lgi satu myspace die shit doh gamba dgn awek die yg lain..wth?
g mampus la laki semua bangang!
crazy pictures yg kitorg ambik..huhuu..
wahai calon spm sedarlah diri!adoyai..hehehe
byk cite sedih byk suke duke ;p