Friday, January 23, 2009

the gig ;p

the gig

the gig was awesome doh :)

my bro perform jugak..

and and and there's this one guy,juah mahal gile =.=

benci doh laki camtu!bengang gile..

but anyway the gig was great sakit doh badan2...

me miza and biha having a lot of fun wahai calon spm;p

jumpe arab amir,i ask him to take my photo and he did

but tak upload lg kot..

pape pon i just wish i can perform jugak..

mesti best kan kan kan...


happy birthday!!!my bestfriend Amyra hidayu :)

so me and the other plan for a suprise party ka starbucks mega..ily so much myra..
my bestfriend and my lessy :) haha cak jgn marah k gurau je..

everything was plan not that well la kot mcm ta jd je suprise tuu..
pape pun mira was shocked doh and shes happy :)which means i have succeded :)

happy birthday to you
hapy birthday to to you
happy birthday to mira hidayu :)
happy birthday to u syg!!