Friday, May 14, 2010

happy birthday adik

imran :)
omg , he's growing up in front of my eye's , not technically in front of my eyes because he lives in sarawak . yeah . if i were given choise to choose i would choose to further my studies in sarawak because

-i love their language , im still learning
-their heritage
-i adore sarawakian's so much because of they are different and special.
-the food .
-the culture
-everything about sarawak invites me to get to know more and more .

imran was a little boy who where; orange shorts when we first met , he was about 13 years old that particular first time, he's so adorable and who can resist being a sister of his .

2008 :stadium merdeka :) he was 13 years old

stadium tertutup pasir gudang :) he was 14 years oldand times square , we switched our name pass , :') i miss the moment, he grew up fast , he's my adik , one and only from sarawak . and he has a girlfriend apperently turn out to be my sarawak language tutor , thanks nina :)
thanks for being my brother,
truly adik , no words can describe how lucky i am to have such brother like u .

and now , IM is 15 years old .
happy birthday, kakak loves you and always will .

pesanan untuk kitak:

auk bah makin besar , jangan lupak sama kakak . kakak syg kitak mcm adik kakak yg betul nangga , if i had to deal with any problems, i'd flew to sarawak and meet you this year , since every year its a must for us to meet. u make me love and try to understand sarawak. sik ada nok pat pisahkan kita .i love you to the limit imran :) have a nice birthday and sik lupa this year pmr ohh , gudluckk! make your family, nina and me proud okay ,

sincerely from,
your sister far across the distance.