Saturday, December 26, 2009

when everythings over

i miss all those school year, all the things that i had go on through , every single moment , beat and time, i am proud to graduate, its sad to leave everything behind and move on to the next level,stepping up a whole new life rank for myself.the twist, the chaos , the happiness, the sadness, the numbness,everythinbg comes down to an end of the new begining, its sad to see that we are going our separate ways, figure out new things,but thats life and we have to move on. i learn from the very bottom the value of live and i turn from dust to gold from thin to thick knowledge owner, i owe all my gratitude as a student and as a cheerleader,as a colourguard leader,as the red cresent society member,as a dancer, as an actor, everything i could ever imagine i tried.2005-2009 remain strong in my memory. :)