Sunday, December 6, 2009

settle day

saturday supposed,

me and sis went to school, thingking that everything might be okay then,
everything seems so hollow at school and by that i mean bad energy is surrounding,
yea i do care bout the band but ever since things turn out to be that way, i care to let my only self hurt while others enjoyed and cheerished thier so called happy moments, i know im not that welcome to be there anymore since everything is new by now, i know the power is not n my hands anymore but remember without who i am and who i used to be before this, u guys couldnt ever get close to what we have achieved slightly this year, remember one thing i'll always be around and if im not needed let me know not show me through your expressions.sincere is the key , pray to always be held and help not big headed selfish attitude that is not needed, sucsses is not what we crave for is what we get for wanting it so bad. sucsess is not in your hands,its by gods will. please dont be rude? we didnt teach u that, i didnt told you to be that. its okay i know, its ur time now.

that afternoon,

i called you, i heard about u, im crazy about u. thank god tak jumpa u, im not ready yet although i wanted to.

that evening,

sis cyla, me and aza went to makan cendol ,abc kat midnight, rojak mee satu, haha. borak borak and yea, we miss hanging out like really melepak weh, kat kedai murah. exmple: anisup utara :)