Saturday, December 26, 2009

memory card

the story about u, and behind it.

first is the day where i accidently lost my memory card,well actually its inside my phone but i thought its gone. what a bad day it was. i had absolute no mood , sorry guards and aza, she took lall the blame for the dorm ransack that was done by me. that night and that whole day, putrajaya hujan and we are having difficulties in controlling our flag, sejuk sgt and hujan . so there i was with ZERO mood, after that everything turn out to be ok, da mula redha dgn kehilang.. malam tu nak sgt jumpa zulfikar tp ta dapat.

then teman zumie pergi toilet dgn elisa sekali, ada 3 org ni pakai bju navy. rupanya budak st.john, i talked to then but hmm ta layan haha. but then this one guys jalan kat sebelah i and i was like tingginye kau, then i ask, baju apa ni? oh kitorg da tuka dari cadet band jd navy band..he talked to me politely and blew me away with his smile ''umur u brapa?''i form 4 u?''haih,u teka lah"aha tak tahu la,"i form 5" da tua dah. :( jahat oh u, ezad.. omg my heart beat like almost never wanted to stop.. so we walked together and talked, he made me smile.. and my heart was stolen. but then the story goes,i keep thinking about him, then nama dia dah terlekat jadi memory card, zumy's fault, heh. teach me saber movement eh nanti? :)

the next day was grand final, and i really want him! so i found him and the night and the next day, im happy but still ..