Saturday, October 10, 2009

nik aiman

well since u are reading my blog kan.

haha, i know , i ni sometimes gila sometimes koya, sometimes pelik la,
im weird, i know, i noticed, but its not like i wanted to,
hey, i know im bad, im a selfish concious freakin girl.
i know, but dont get me wrong. im trying ,,
hmm i know sometimes like im having my stupid mood swing, and u jadi mangsa
sometimes u felt like u were'nt my friend, i know,
what? do you think i dont know,i know all about it.
haha, im not heartless but sometime i can be.although u know me,but u dont quite really understand me rite, i know, i know everything that u dont have to tell.
i know everytime i have problems i come running to you and spill all of the crap out without sometimes giving u space to talk about urs, suprisingly i know.
i know, what u want, u dont have to tell,
someone told me about it
i often blame myself for everything, but sometimes i forget everything,
sorry i could be good enough,i mean againts all odds..
tah la. i cant simply imagine how my life without you in it.
u wanna know a secret. i selalu ingt pasal dulu dulu.
cant snap it out of my mind like seriously,
but theres one part of u i didnt quite get, no matter how stupid i act or how bithcy i were,still i received text messages from u and by that i mean u still wanna be friends with me.
i hurt to much of peoples feeling,that didnt went well i guess.
u are pissed off bout me, i dont know but i guess it,
im sorry for not always being there for you..i guess im scared.
im sorry i cause u so much pain and curiousity..
im sorry i've changed.i know u've been thingking bout..
how i can be so callous sometimes,how i dont care about what people thinks.
i know, u just want me to put just a little understanding into our relationship
i know u wanted to be easy but i make it the other way around.
but apart from all of that, im just so thankful to have you in my life.
u have mean so much to me,u know to much of my problems and you know my mom.
btw,here's another secret. u remember that uzumaki guy from the comic hmm dia macam seseorang, it reminds me of him all the time.
i love you so much and sorry if i tersalah type or terspill out the wrong words or thoughts.
thank you for everything.