Monday, July 13, 2009


think while u can. exam next week , nationals two more weeks to go.
hidup ta slalu indah ok. hmm cume kita je tatau mcm mane nak mengexpress kan semua benda.
btw myra, i want u to be happy syg, i want u to have a ur love life back, i'll do my best to try and help u k.dont worry im always there for u and always with u.
kenny rogers of course, forget about the bet k,
kite hang out n spent time same2 je.
balanje kau makan n hannnah montana the movie.
hangin there bestfriend,
im sure u'll be happy nanti.
semua bact to normal for me myra, but i yakin we wont go far,
cume kawan je. hehe.