Thursday, July 2, 2009


as i browse through people's blog , i learned that, hey,its okay to post anything at ur blog because u dont really know wheter people read it or not?a lot of different kind of styles of posting blog that i found some r intrested some are lame some are err.. no comment. haha,its okay lah its peoples life from different kind of scenary, finding clarity is one of the most thing i wanted to do, alhamdullilah la, its been 4 days since i am fasting, haha cant believe it doh, eat eat eat ? mcm ta biasa plak blog in fully english seriously kekok gila, omg btwe im gonna have to finished this up. i know my english are so not that good kan, but what the heck, trust me i read blogs with extremely vital grammar and spelling errors, but kau susah ape kan? haha. am i changing? why is that?boy oh boy, lets start with today:

morning: came to sch, yadaa yadaa yadaa change shirt , so pissed of by the hari kecermelangan function thingy, omg pg skola but tak blaja?kena marah and all, went up to stage several times, bla bla bla.. boring n tiring day trust at sch just not in the mood of talking, gosh dont know y cant open my mouth, but at the same time hyper.haha poyo

petang: myra came home we watch tv,lepak lepak, onlined, kutuk org(tho puasa), bla bla bla. tau tau je buka puasa, yeay! six days left. stilll counting lah!omg, nationals are near spm trials are like so around the corner and U haha me of course still tak sedar diri onlining and chit chating update ur blog sedangkan u should be sitting on ur study table and study -_- hmm im scared and freeked out. frankly.oh btw, they are such a sweet couple, read riza's blog, wishing that sumday i will have that kind of relationship, its fatal that my love life is kinda EERKK haha, btw how i wish i could hug him also before he went to italy n tell him that i'll wait no matter what,but like i said i have move on and its hard for me tho i want it to be badly. 8 days, after 88 days without u F.lantak lah ape org nak cakap, dont u know its harhs for me, u guys cant go ahead and be happy with what so ever, but for me. future, only god knows

tadaaa; haha, this is who i've been talking about in my blog, yg byk merepek pun pasal kau la weh! finnaly i got the guts to post ur pic here, org nak bace nak tngok up to u guys, lah. what i know is . everytime people talk about him, u guys just force me to remember him again tho i want to forget him badly, i need HELP.

i wanna be like what i wanna be doh, i wanna be on stage and expressed myself but i never get a chance to do that since i've always been the kind of girl that seems to blend in and hid her talent away,aku banyak cakap and i love to blog because where else can i talk besides sitting with aza,.how i really wish one day my dreams will come true. ok it will take patients always that is to make n reach wht u want, hang in there d,just wait :)
oh and btw, him. nothing lah, just not feeling to write anymore, cukup la i membebel stakat ni je. gotta go offline and get down with book d, u have homework to do! yeah babyy yeah. oh and i off my phone malas nak charge. i apollogise to anyone that couldnt reach me . heh