Sunday, June 28, 2009


semalam , what a day. hehe. not feeling like updating tht much sbb none of us updated bout yesterday. alhmdullilah everything went well yesterdy, ta ade org online. so i gues im just gonna update about others stuffs, bout phg comp, later lah's the thing, when everyhting tht we always wanted we got and finally things started to complete,mcm mcm yg kite fikir,life is still life, spm is soon, other things is also ahead.sis went to jengka already, hope she begins her life there with good one.well, mine. still tatau wht the future holds. bak kate aza 'aku ingtkan da lepas comp tenang tp susah jugk sbb byk benda na fikir, i mean common aza kite kn form 5 sure la bebn tu byk,balik je dr outing dgn llts after comp sumph penat gila, rasa na tido je kat mega. oh n btw. im sorry eddie its not the wy things suppose to go, im mature enough to think whts wrong n whts right, im sorry, but im not the one fhm? kau na pompuan yg boleh layan kau 24/7 cri kat tmpt lain, not me.still smiling when looking at my dialled numbers on my phone. thanx to u : just made up my day.please dont go i need u as my bestfriend,i'll bring choclte cke full crem with oreo in it, promise. remember when everything seems so wrong u can alwys tell me k?:) lama sgt otp ngn kau since da lame ta beborak. then tetido. haha funny me, mule2 text ngn zmir,omg cnt believe wht i read kat youtube, about the st.john thingy, haih, its harsh man,btw i support viccb all the way .then cak texted me asked who won pahang comp, ckp la ringlet menang, then termintak tlg pulak
me:cak na mtk tlg?
cak:tlg pe?
me: tlg kim slm kat fikri
cak: ok.
you see wht i mean? no mtter how hard i try to forget u or run away and void thingking of u, the more impossible it seems because im stuck on u tho i have moved on . still july is 3 days away and u'll be going to italy n hope tht u'll be alright, u'll be fine. still im smilling reding ur text,miss u a hell lot.

go viccb ! rock on ur volcano show :)