Sunday, June 7, 2009

a conclusion

i knew that school hliday is almost over :( 2 minggu ta cukup sial. but yea hols is kind of boring rite?it doesnt matter , what matter is as i go through the first week i've been doing boy a lot of thingking. sure, we can live up things that sumtimes we cant.ok tergendala jap. tngah2 update my mum tnga lalu then she asked me to kemas a bit the house so kebetulan kat blakang ni ade pinggan buah td,i angkat the pinggan and guess what, watermelon juice just spilted on my keybord! fuck!! bad luck i guess. then, my mom said "nana AF tu hadiah an mak die mercedes.." then i was like " habis tu?" next month birthday umi. i cant afford to buy a mercedes.HAHA, hmm btw, she the best mom in the worlwide but sumtimes she gets to my nerve, biasalah ibu2. so a lot of things happen. a lot of people i met, tah la sumhow sumtime im just not happy, selalu susah hati, selalu berfikir, n one more thing. i've decided to move on and just let go of the past cause the only things thats gonna get me happy is changes, good ones tho,hope so bored n kind of thrilled tah la so so happy so so not. currently dont know whats gonna happend next .only god knows.

oh and yesterday i met adli hazim, an old friend of mine. tp ta dpt na tego . sadly btu nevermine ada lah tu nnti nnti en.

i also met syafiq aiman: my ex boyfriend. sumhow tah la tho byk kali da jumpe die sblum ni but i was like omg gile syg kat die ni dulu. he was with his family, omg! adik die comel and the whole family was like comel jea, i finnaly got to see his mom. lawa la, no wonder she was so sporting back then when she talked to me on the phone, haa i remember, if only i was still with him, oh i wish because i never felt as happy i was when i was with him, my first love.