Saturday, June 20, 2009

a hell lot of things.

evening everyone, haha.
btw a lot of things happen and to buzy to update blog lately,
sumpah ta caye a hell lot of things that i go through this week.
haih, gotta keep on going sharifah, haha
i need to relax, tau ku tnga tension n streesd out with many things, but gotta keep on moving
, hee i cant believe it too. tp na buat mcm mane, its my life then,
td amik quiz olimpiad maths kebangsaan or sumthing , bla bla.
no mood for updating, tah la malas na cite panjang lebar.function kat stadium kawad kaki
tah ape tah, then hbis je trus balik
ptg td penat
baru check facebook LOL.
mmg ta cam klaka lak en, btul la kate sis,
tngok facebook boleh gelak sorg2. haha
yeay esok lalats outing! cant wait. :)
missing: people around me seems to come and go, kejap korg munucl pastu korg hilang blik then tibe2 muncul, kadang2 with or without planning. sabar je lah. btw, i never felt this way before, the feeling that i've ben missing a lot of people in my life. imiss my late father , i miss my adik iqi and paan, i miss my ex bf syafiq, i miss my friend kerol, i miss the old days, and most important i miss f, yang lain tu lantak la mcm mna, but i almost miss everything doh in my life, its like tah la berbeza.