Wednesday, July 14, 2010

where are you?

where are you ? i keep looking , i'll never give up . will not and never , though i've been through torns and stroms alone . where are you? as i take a deep breathe i closed my eyes in silence through the sounds of instrumentically music in many ways that calms me down . each and everytime i think , inside is killing me . i know its still early for me to find or found you , but i wanna taste the escense of the feeling that everybody feels , which i think i spend most of my time hearing peoples thoughts and sounds . mine? where are you? i'll get back up if i found you and lost you again and again . deep inside i cant feel that my heart is like falen leaves on a summer spring , and i can hear the sounds of crashes while people steped on the dry leaves each and everytime i found you and lost you , it hurts . where are you? i dont wan to shout , but my heart is bursting with hardcore sounds that is unconditionally needs to be treat . where are you? i found tears along my way alone , some tears came from a exhuberant city called sadness and some from thrilled city called happiness . i became closed and oftenly meet them . they became the one that makes me strong along the way . i got you , but i cant seem to get or even understand you anymore . where are the real you? i came to far along the valley of the uncompaniened.all of a sudden its hard to find you.craving for the feeling of a hapy kid getting an ice cream . like a happy mom giving birth ,like an employe getting their paycheck , i just need a soul to save mine , where are you? where am i .

where are you love . i miss the feeling