Monday, July 12, 2010

cheercomp 2010

. but yeah it was my first time though .
congrats CYRENS? haha . apa apa je lah . but i got to meet haiqal ;) crazy little brother . i love you . haha thanks for teman-ing me . and wak dol , and your other friend comel je .
malam tu while waiting for riza join budak budak sbu and vi main truth or dare . haha sumpah kelakar . eldrin,adam,amar was there too . miss the moment :) byk lagi budak sebenarnya. RAMAI GILA . seriously , oh and and Allyn pun ada .

situation 1: jerit IM GAYY *clap to aiman . haha

situation 2: cium kasut

situation 3: cium kerusi

situation 4: lari sambil bukak baju . hahah

banyak lagi kot situations . gila gila je semua . eldrin tak kena buat apa apa pun ,

malam tu teman riza hantar ismeth balik melaka , :) then we went home , although time i spent with riza sekejap but worth it la , nanti lepak lagi eh . i kan nak spy you . pictures more on facebook :)