Monday, February 1, 2010

the very last of january,

hello you, i love you . that was the greatest night in my 2010 dont you know that, the night that i finally smiled after a rough month i have, i deeply miss you . no other words can describe how i liked you and your smile. again im sorry i teased you about *obor obor, im jealous i admit. thanks for the long call before i leave. thanks for picking me up with your motorcyle, that was the first time and the sweetest thing ever. i miss huging u ;( kawan, how i wish you would have the same feeling, looking foward in meeting you again. chinese new year maybe *wink. naah, focus on your studies kayh budak. its you! your smile that drives me nuts. dont make me wanna forget you because anything i did its just reminds me of you. and yeah told ya about *memory card. aww
tell me when u have a girlfriend k, im happy as long as you are .

hello abg hezrul , i am glad to return the saber to you, although its been slightly broken at its end but i manage to covered it *wink .take a gud care of him, thats my love, one fine day maybe, i'll be just like u mr audi hezrul .